About us

Ilsco was founded in 1994. At first, we mainly interceded in export sale of Polish textile garments to Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the USA.

After a while, we began to create our own collections in order to meet our foreign clients’ expectations. Thus, we substantially broadened the assortment of sold goods. And this, in turn led to the increase in production of the Polish manufacturers that we cooperate with.

At present, we provide all our foreign business partners with the overview of the offer of Polish producers. In co-operation with the latter, we prepare models based on new trends in fashion, simultaneously taking into account the characteristics of the given market as well as the preferences of the individual clients.

We supervise and co-ordinate the fulfillment of orders of our foreign customers at every single stage of production (knitting, dying, models preparing, sewing, product quality control).

For a couple of years, together with our German business associate, we have won contracts for clothes for the police force, fire fighting services, and other public services in Germany.


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